Our whole school Gospel day

Date: 20th Jan 2020 @ 12:31pm

We've had a brilliant day altogether at our lovely Ringinglow Road site, learning and thinking about the Gospel. We learned that The Good News That Jesus Brings is that we can be forgiven, we can be friends with God and that we can have peace with each other and with God. We've had the opportunity to mix and work with other year groups as we learn. We've been thinking about our school and how it makes us feel - some areas may make us feel more calm and peaceful than others, or help us to be friendly, whilst some places may help us to forgive. We then went on to think about how we can improve these places to encourage friendliness and forgiveness. We've also been talking to Dan and Rosie from Ecclesall church about the role of a vicar. Another group listened to the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus, who was forgiven for his sins by Jesus. We then went on to chat about how we can be kind, and to think about things we were sorry for. We also had a lovely afternoon creating our decoupage jigsaw pieces representing how we can find peace - in ourselves, in God, in others and in the world.