Will a snowman melt faster if it is wearing a coat? Science investigation in Y5

Date: 15th Sep 2021 @ 3:13pm

This afternoon in Y5 we were scientists. Mr Hall asked us whether we thought a snowman would melt faster if it was wearing a coat. We thought about it, and some of us decided the coat would trap air and make the snowman warmer, and it would melt faster. Some of us thought it would protect the snowman from the cold so it would melt more slowly. Some of us just didn't know! We performed a scientific experiment using ice cubes. We wrapped them in different materials (foil, bubble wrap, cotton, leather and felt). We used a stop watch to check how much the ice had melted after intervals of two minutes, and gave it a score out of ten. After twelve minutes we looked at our results and came up with the conclusion that the best insulator is leather as the ice hadn't melted very much. The felt was also a good insulator. So finally, we concluded that a snowman WON'T melt faster if it is wearing a coat!

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