Yoga - Under the sea

Date: 7th Dec 2020 @ 12:39pm

On Friday we had yoga. Our warm up started with us getting into boat pose and as we rowed along a giant wave came along and knocked us over!

Then we played a game in which we learnt some new poses.  There was mermaid/merman pose, dolphin pose, shark pose and sea snake pose.  We swam around until Jo told us a shark was coming and then we had to go to an area and disguise ourselves with one of these poses.  

Our next game was called "Stuck in the Sand".  It was a game of tig.  If we were tagged then we  had to sit down and get into boat pose.  The only way out of the mud was if someone else helped us by doing a double boat pose.  This was really good fun.

Finally, we ended yoga with some relaxation.  We had to imagine that we were a diver exploring under the sea. We saw lots of different things like a school of fish, a kind, friendly dolphin, a seahorse and some coral before we went back to a warm and sunny beach.  This made us feel calm and peaceful.