Yorkshire Wildlife Park (Year 1)

Date: 29th Mar 2022 @ 5:21pm

We were lucky enough to take the sunshine with us to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week! It was a beautiful day and all the animals were out enjoying the weather.

We took a coach to the park which was super exciting as it was a very long journey (we got to go on the motorway too!) When we got there, we heard a lion roar as we walked through the doors. We had a workshop where we got to touch a polar bears' skull, a snake's skin and ostrich feathers. We stroked a giant snail, a cockroach and a REAL snake! The snake was actually very friendly and enjoyed showing us some of the tricks it had learnt with its keeper, Alex. After the classroom workshop, we went to see the lions and the lemurs. The lions were sleeping but we learnt lots of facts about them from the information board. After lunch, we visited the polar bears. They were covered in mud! Alex told us that rolling around in the mud was their favourite thing to do. We spotted 4 polar bears and they were all enjoying doing different things! We tried to spot the leopard but they were hiding over in Leopard Heights so we visited the tigers who were roaming around their enclosure. The giraffes were busy eating their afternoon snack. We couldn't believe how tall they were! After a busy day, we got on the coach to come back to school. We were super tired on the way home (some children had a quick snooze!)

It was a brilliant adventure. When we got back to school on Tuesday, we looked through our photos and we wrote a recount to tell others all about our exciting day.

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