Reception 2019 - 2020

Mrs Howard

COVID-19 – Home Learning


  • The website White Rose Maths is an online Home Learning Live hub - with a daily online lesson every day for Reception (and all year groups). Each lesson has a clear teaching video, practice activity and answers to check your work. Remember to visit what you can already do and try something new after that! Can you tell someone what you have just found out?

  • Use your Abacus login to find some maths games!

  • Have a look at Numbots website/app. I have now uploaded Reception as a class and have sent a log in for each child. If you have any problems logging in please let me know.

  • 15-20 minutes daily number and counting can help you to get ready for Y1! Remember to do a little each day!



We are focusing on the Phase 2, 3 and 4 sounds. Please use these helpful links to revise the sounds with your child/children daily, if possible. Keep learning the next tricky words! Find the songs on youtube that we sing at school. Teach them to your 'grown ups!'



  • A child in Reception should be reading for 10 -15 minutes every day. Please remember to read your favourite children's books together, as well as any school reading books.  
  • Use your Bug Club login to choose books at your child's level. Talk about what you have read!
  • Draw a picture each day from one of your stories and add a 'caption' or short sentence.  

Here are some of Mr and Mrs Howard's all-time favourites stories. We used to read them to our children Bethany and George. smiley Tell your 'grown up' your favourite part of the story or which bit made you laugh! 

  • The Cat That Scratched - Jonathan Long and Korky Paul 
  • Mrs Pepperpot -  Alf Proysen 
  • Elmer The Elephant - David McKee
  • The Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle
  • A Squash and a Squeeze! - Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
  • Winnie The Witch -  Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul
  • Daley B - Jon Blake


  • The app/website 'Sir Linkalot' is free for the next 3 months (using the username and login FREE.) It uses clever tricks, links and patterns to teach spelling through short videos. 
  • Try to practice spelling a few tricky words each day. Hide the 'tricky words' and go on a hunt to find them!
  • Think of word 'families' that sound the same such as words with 'ay', 'ai' or 'a-e'. Make a list of words....can you put them into the right list?


Try to do a little bit of writing each day.

  • You could write down what model you have made
  • Write a card to a friend. 
  • Write some 'tricky words' from your reading book
  • Make a short shopping list!       
  • Draw a picture from one of your stories, label it or add a short sentence.  
  • Keep a diary and write something down each day. Add a photograph or picture.
  • Make a poster with house rules!
  • Practice writing your name and surname!
  • Don't forget to practice writing capital and lower case letters!
  • Have a go at adding some 'joining up curls' to your letters ready for Y1.
  • Try to make your letters smaller and try to sit them on the line. Remember which letters go below the line and which have tall sticks!            

I am looking forward to reading some of your diaries and short stories. Don't forget to add pictures or photographs to your work!

Other learning ideas.....

  • Sheffield's own artist Pete McKee is uploading some great, weekly drawing cartoon lesson tutorials through his YouTube channel. Have a look!

  • Chris Packham - Badger poo, wood anemones & whatever develops . . . videos from the New Forest.

  • Mylene Klass music

  • PE with Joe Wicks

  • This website from the Scouts is full of fun, cross curricular learning challenges to complete at home.

  • Simple, easy and fun craft ideas to try.

If you need help with logins, need extra resources or help with anything else, then get in touch. Please keep sending your photos via email to me at

Take care, stay safe and have fun together! 

Missing you all!  

Mrs Howard


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