Date: 10th Dec 2020 @ 9:47am

Art has been fun this term.  We started by creating a picture for Rememberance Day.

A circle was cut out and we used a grey wash for the background.  Then when it had dried we looked at pictures of poppies and, using felt tips, put our own poppy design on top of the grey background.  They look fantastic on our display in school.

We started to explore colours and what is meant by primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  We know that there are 3 primary colours.  We found out that a secondary colour is when two primary colours are mixed in equal amounts to create a new colour, which we did and put it on our colour chart.  Then we learnt that a tertiary colour is a colour which is made up of equal amounts of a primary colour and its secondary colour.  

After we had mixed all these colours, we looked at how the colours changed when creating tints, which is when white is added to a colour and shades, which is when black is added to a colour.

The last piece of art we have made is for our Stone Age topic.  We looked at different types of art that have been found that date back to the stone age.  Then Mrs Mackay gave us some special stone age paper and a charcoal pencil.  We all created our own art work to go on our display.