Creswell Crags Y3

Date: 9th May 2019 @ 10:40am

Creswell Crags Y3

We had a wonderful day with Ian from Creswell Crags.

We started by looking at how Creswell Crags had changed over the years. Then, we were archaeologists! We used tools to dig for objects and then explored why they might have been important in the Stone Age. Ian told us some fantastic facts and important words to remember.

This afternoon we were extremely lucky to have the challenge of putting an animals’ skeleton back together. It was very difficult as we estimated that there were around 200 bones for each animal! We had a look at the differences between the 3 animals’ skeletons. Have a look at the pictures to see if you can guess which animals we made. Thank you again to Ian and Creswell Crags!