Music celebration assembly

Date: 4th Jul 2019 @ 10:00am

Look at all our amazing musicians!! Thank you to Miss Smalley, Mrs Pugh and Mrs McAuley for all you do teaching us piano, flute, saxophone, violin, recorder and cello. We are super super blessed to have an amazing team. Even Miss Stent has a certificate for being an amazing violinist, and supporting our Y2s and Y3s in orchestra.

Everyone in this photo sings every week, all our children from Y2 upwards play the recorder, and a huge percentage of them have weekly lessons with one of the Clifford music team! As part of learning their instrument our children also play in orchestra every week (see our exciting blog about our project with Endcliffe orchestra)

If your child would like individual lessons in Sept -

Y1s on Psalter Lane - recorder / fife (beginner flute) spaces available with Miss Smalley, or piano / violin with Mrs Pugh

Y2s/3s/4s piano or cello spaces available with Mrs McAuley

Y2s/3s/4s flute, recorder, clarinet or saxophone spaces are available with Miss Smalley

If you are interested in brass, with enough interest Mrs Atkinson has a new brass teacher lined up, so please contact her directly via the school office for details.

All our music teachers have their professional profiles and contact details on a leaflet in the school office. Please speak to Mrs Brankin or Mrs Hudson if you would like one.

All our Y2s will be getting a letter about class recorder with Mrs Atkinson very shortly. Please make sure your child's school recorder remains in school ALL the time! If anyone has any spare ones at home, we would love a few donations for our spare box!

Orchestra will restart on Sept 18th, and we welcome any children who have been playing their instrument for at least 2 terms, and any junior (Y3 or Y4) child who has had a year of class lessons. Orchestra is for everyone!

Thank you parents for all your support this year! What an amazingly musical school we have.