One Voice Singing Festival

Date: 15th Jul 2021 @ 10:16am

I am so so proud of all our Y3-Y5 children who have been rehearsing and performing the songs for the 'One Voice' singing festival with me in music this term. It was hoped we could all be in our hall and singing together as a KS2! It wasn't to be, but each class participated and recorded in their own rooms.. and I have today been uploading all the videos to the Sheffield Music Hub for their big 'One Voice' videos - all the children in Sheffield who took part! These will be released in the new few weeks. It was been a wonderful opportunity to perform. Our favourite songs were 'Don't Stop' and 'One in a Million'. I'm sure you've heard them lots at home. We worked hard on the Makaton actions too. 

What a talented group of children we have. A huge thank you to Miss Stent, Ms Taylor and Mr Hall who put the recordings together at the live festival on Tuesday.