Spring Concert 2019

Date: 2nd May 2019 @ 12:03pm

We are so so proud of all of our Clifford children, and children from High Storrs, Silverdale, Hunters Bar and Ecclesall Primary who joined us. All of our Y2 and Y3 children performed, both class recorder pieces, and singing. The orchestra gave its first puiblic performance of 3 pieces - Joshua, Strudel Waltz and Hall of the Mountain King. Both our KS2 choir and our R/KS1 choirs gave stunning perfomances! We are all enthralled by the Y1 and Rec children singing and acting their Spring Chickens song. Fabulous energy from everyone who performed. The uniqueness of having adults and children playing together in orchestra and string / woodwind groups was  just amazing. We still need more adults and secondary chidlren to play in our orchestra. We rehearse on Wednesdays 3.30 - 4.30 in the Ringinglow School Hall.

Huge thanks to our staff team - especially Miss Stent and Mrs Brown who played with the orchestra and to all our peripatetic team - Mrs Pugh, Mrs McAuley and Miss Smalley. We think we have the best music team in Sheffield!

At the end of our perfomance everyone from Rec through to Y3 performed a joint 'Music Matters' - what an amazing school we have