Complaints Procedure

Arrangements for the Consideration of Complaints

The complaints procedure is intended to meet the requirements imposed on schools under Section 23 of the Education Act 1993.  These relate to:

1.  Provision of a broad and balanced curriculum.

2.  Religious Education and collective worship.

3.  Implementation of the National Curriculum.

4.  Exceptions or withdrawals from the National Curriculum, or parts of it.

5.  The operation of a charging policy.

6.  The provision of information.


The complaints procedure will follow the basic pattern of :-

Stage 1: Making the complaint informally with the class teacher or the Headteacher.

Stage 2: Formal referral to the Governing Body.

Stage 3: Possibility of formal complaint to the Secretary of State.

A copy of the Instrument and Articles of Government of the School is available for inspection by parents should they wish to read the relevant sections governing complaints.


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