Holidays/Exceptional Leave During Term Time

Research has shown that poor attendance impacts negatively on children’s attainment.  Children have to attend school for 190 days per year, this leaves 175 days (including weekends) free for families to take holidays.

Legally there is no entitlement for parents to take their child on holiday during term time.  Any application for leave must be in exceptional circumstances and the Headteacher must be satisfied that the circumstances warrant the granting of leave.

Parents/carers are legally required to request exceptional leave from the Headteacher of the school at which their child is registered, this request MUST be made at least 20 days in advance of the arrangement being made.  This allows sufficient time for the request to be considered by the school.  The request has to be made in writing (letter or email) by you using the Request for Exceptional Leave Form which can be found on the link below or requested from the school office.  One form per child per request should be completed.

We will consider all term time leave requests.  Each request will be considered on its own merit and the impact upon the child’s learning and wellbeing will be central to the decision made.  We will take into account previous leave requests and other factors related to the child when making our decisions.

If you do not request term time leave and take your child on ‘unauthorised leave’, or fail to keep the school informed of changes to leave arrangements, you may receive a fine, be prosecuted and/or the children may lose their place at school.  If you are intending to travel abroad with your children during term time you should not book travel prior to securing approval from the school.

If you take your children on holiday during term time for 5 or more consecutive days and this is not authorised by school, you can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (Holiday Fine) of £60 (if paid in 21 days) or £120 (if paid between 21 and 28 days.)  Each parent/carer can be issued with a notice, one per parent per family, i.e. one fine per parent/carer per family regardless of the number of children in the family.

We know that holidays in term time are cheaper and sometimes you have to take them in term time because of exceptional in circumstances. But I urge you to try and take your holidays in the school holidays.


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