School Lunches

Here is our lunch menu for the Autumn 1 2023 term:

Clifford All Saints full lunch menu Sept 2023 (1).jpg


Lunch time - Meals Provision

In September 2014 the Government introduced a new policy of a free meal for all infant children.  This means all Infant children in school are entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal.   

Junior children have the option to have a school meal at a cost of £2.30 otherwise they can have a packed lunch. 

Income Based Free School Meals will still be available for families on low income levels which means school will receive maximum funding to support your child through something else called the Pupil Premium.

To find out if you are eligible please go to the Council’s Website at, if you apply and are eligible your child will also be entitled to Free Milk at break time. 


School Catering Contact

Our current contract is with the School Food Service with the Local Authority. The supplier of the service is Taylor Shaw Ltd.



These are prepared by Taylor Shaw’s nutritionist twice a year on a three week cycle. These need to meet the legal standards for school food. Below is a copy of the current 3 week cycle


Medical Diet Procedure

There is a strict protocol for arranging a medical diet in order to safeguard the child as well as the staff that manage the food service. We have also attached this procedure for you if you have a child that requires a special diet.



Files to Download