Support for Parents- Remote Learning

We recognise that at this time, it can be particularly challenging to support your child while they are completing their daily remote learning lessons. Our system for setting daily lessons through Google Classroom is now embedded and we are looking at ways to further develop our support for parents and carers. 

It is really important that you implement a daily routine to support your child with their remote learning.

Follow the advice from the  Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) here:

Supporting Daily Routines Video

Attached to this page is a helpful checklist to use when setting your daily routine. 

Learning opportunities are everywhere. You can make anything a learning experience for your child, just follow the TRUST ideas, supported by the EEF Follow the advice here:

TRUST Strategy

During this lockdown period, there will many opportunities to support you child to develop a love of reading. Attached to this page are strategies to support you with reading with your child/ren at home. 

Files to Download