School Uniform

As a small Church School, the Governing Body feels it is important to generate a feeling of community and belonging for the children.  Part of the way we feel we can do this is to increase their sense of identity by having a school uniform.  This way, the children have a more immediately visible connection with the school; visible to them and to other members of the community.


The Clifford All Saints school uniform is:-    School uniform example.jpg

A navy blue school sweatshirt (with logo)

A white or navy blue plain shirt/blouse (this to include polo shirts)

Navy/black/grey bottoms (this to include trousers/jogging bottoms/shorts/skirt/pinafore/leggings)

In summer blue gingham summer dresses may be worn.

Suitable footwear black (this should be safe, comfortable and appropriate for the season).  It should not include high heels and high platform shoes, flip-flops and slip-on shoes without backs, other fashion boots or shoes that do not facilitate active play).

Coloured or patterned tights/ socks may be worn .

School sweatshirts are available to order and there is also a supply of second hand uniform.

If headbands are worn they should be relatively plain.

No Jewellery is allowed.


Clothing for PE is part of school uniform and is as follows:-

Drawstring bag (named)


P.E. KIT (Indoor use)

T shirt 

Shorts in navy or black

Black plimsolls


P.E KIT (Outdoor use)

Joggers in navy or black



The complete indoor kits are available to order on the uniform order form. For the outdoor kit you can purchase from most supermarkets.

Alternatively you can now order direct from the website via the following link:-


Don't forget to label your child's clothing, in fact label everything, items go missing on a daily basis!!

Please follow the link below for an easy solution to labelling that will last!  School gets a percentage too!

Stikins Name Labels

Files to Download