Date: 15th Oct 2020 @ 9:43am

Our first science topic in year3 was electricity.  We started by looking at what things use electrcity, which  use batteries and which  use mains power and we found that somethings use both!

First we began by finding out what a circuit was. By using a battery, a bulb and two wires we created our own working circuit.  Then we looked at different types of circuits. 

Working with a partner, we chose a card and predicted  if it was a circuit or not and explained why.  Then we put the circuit together and found out if our prediction was correct or not. 

Next we discovered what a conductor of electricity was.  We planned an investigation and our key question was "Which objects conduct electricity?"  We decided on which objects we wanted to use for our experiments and these included, a paperclip, a rubber, wooden lollystick and tin foil.  Then we had an exciting afternoon discovering  which of these objects were conductors.

We made our own circuit which lit a bulb.  Then we made a space in our circuit where we connected our object.  If the light bulb didn't light up we had found an insulator but when the light bulb shone we had found a conductor.   We discovered the best conductors were made of metal.