Admission to the School

Clifford All Saints C of E Primary  is a Voluntary Aided School in which the Governing Body is the Admission Authority and responsible for admissions.

It is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of law, the school trust deed, by advice from the Diocesan Board of Education and its duty to the community and the Common Good.

Applications are made by the completion of the COMMON APPLICATION FORM and the Church of England Aided School ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FORM, or you can apply online (however you must still return the additional information form to the school if you want to be considered for criteria 3,4 or 5. You can also download Notes to help you complete the application form.

Changes to the school admissions programme have come into effect which  results in more choice for parents about the right time for their child to start school. 

These choices are:-

  • All four year old children can start reception in a primary school in the September after their fourth birthday.

  • Parents/carers may choose to defer their child’s admission until January depending on their child’s date of birth.

  • If you choose to defer, you continue to be entitled to free early learning (15 hours per week term time) in an early years setting of your choice.

Compulsory starting age remains the same—children must start school the term after their fifth birthday.

Criteria for Admission:

Where there are more applications for admission than the indicated admission number stated (footnote 1), the Governing Body/Admission Committee will apply the following criteria in strict order of priority.  If the admission number is reached mid criteria, applications in that criteria will be prioritised on the distance of the child’s ordinary place of residence to the main entrance to the school building measured in a straight line.  ALL applications will be judged on ‘equal preference’ and EACH INDIVIDUAL application ranked according to criteria for admission.

Admission Criteria

Children who :

1. Are in Public Care (Looked After Children) (see footnote 2)

2. Have a brother or sister in school (see footnote 3), or at Ecclesall CE Junior School at the time of admission.

3. With his/her parents/carers regularly and frequently attend (see footnote 4) St. Andrew's Psalter Lane.

4. With his/her parents/carers regularly and frequently attend (footnote 4) another Christian denomination subscribing to a Trinitarian confession.

5. With his/her parents/carers are active members of other World Faiths and whose parents wish them to attend this Church of England Voluntary Aided School.

6. Have parents/guardians seeking a Christian environment for their children’s education.

7. Any other application.

Footnote 1:- The school’s official admission number is 26 but for 2011/2012 the school will operate a temporary higheradmission number of 30. The admission number of 26 has been calculated according to the net capacity of the school, which the law defines and has been agreed with Sheffield LEA

Footnote 2:- A ‘relevant Looked after Child’ is a child that is looked after by local authority in accordance with Section 22 of the Children’s Act 1989 at the time an application for admission to the school is made and who the local authority has confirmed will still be looked after at the time when he/she is admitted to the school.

Footnote 3:- Definition of Sibling

a) Sibling is a child who permanently resides at the same address

b) A stepbrother and or stepsister is to be permanently resident at the same address (this includes half brothers/sisters)

Footnote 4:- Definition of “regular and frequent”. The Governing Body defines regular and frequent as attendance at the place of  worship at least once a month for a minimum period of 12 months prior to the closing date for applications.

Clifford All Saints C of E Primary School

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