The Governing Body

From 26/03/2021 Sheffield City Council and the Diocese of Sheffield decided that a change of Board of Governors was best for the school and in it's place a new Interim Executive Board came into effect and will continue for the rest of the year.



Appointed By

Pecuniary Interests, Govenance Roles and Voting rights.

 Church Council/Diocese


Professor Rob Coleman (Chair from 01/02/2021)


Appointed 01/10/2020

Term of Office 4 Years

End of Term of Office 31/01/2025

 No Financial/Business Interests and no Governance Roles at other schools.

Has voting rights.

 Interim Executive Board  


Maureen Andrews

Appointed 26/03/2021






Sai Patel

Appointed 26/03/2021 




Jamie Clarke

Appointed 26/03/2021 






Historic - Left within the last 12 months

Miss Syreeta Roper


Appointed 01/01/2021

Stepped down 03/05/2021

Mrs Naomi Denno

Appointed 24/01/2020

Appointed by GB

Stepped down 26/03/2021

Mrs Lisa Royle


Appointed 18/09/2019

Stepped down 26/03/2021

The Revd Cannon Mark Brown (Ex-officio)

From 18/01/2021

Stepped down 26/03/2021

Rev. Gareth Jones (Ex-officio)    

From 01/01/2010

Stepped down 26/03/2021

Mr John Philip Smith -

Appointed 17/01/2015

Nominated by LA - Appointed by GB

Stepped Down 04/05/2021

Mr Roger Watkin (Chair from 26/11/2020)

Appointed 24/03/2013

Appointed by Foundation / Trust

Stepped down 30/01/2021

Mrs J Himan  

Appointed 12/07/2017

Appointed by Foundation / Trust

Stepped Down 04/01/2020

Mr C Burton (Chair) from 11 September  2019

Appointed 24/03/2017

Appointed by GB / Board

Stepped down 24/11/2020

Dr Jane Charles

Appointed 24/01/2020

Appointed by Parents

Stepped down September 2020.

Rev. Alistair Stevenson

Appointed 26/11/2018

Appointed by Parents 

Stepped Down July 2020








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