The Governing Body

From 26/03/2021 Sheffield City Council and the Diocese of Sheffield decided that a change of Board of Governors was best for the school and in it's place a new Interim Executive Board came into effect and will continue for the rest of the year.



Appointed By

Pecuniary Interests, Govenance Roles and Voting rights.

 Church Council/Diocese



Professor Rob Coleman (Chair from 01/02/2021)


Appointed 01/10/2020

Term of Office 4 Years

End of Term of Office 31/01/2025


 No Pecuniary Interests

Has voting rights.


Interim Executive Board




Maureen Andrews

Appointed 26/03/2021



No Pecuniary Interests

Has voting rights.



Sai Patel

Appointed 26/03/2021 


Employee of Learn Sheffield

Has voting rights.


Jamie Clarke

Appointed 26/03/2021 


No Pecuniary Interests

Has voting rights.


Dr Janet Goepel

Appointed 11/05/2021


No Pecuniary Interests

Has voting rights.


Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Susanna Bradbury





Historic - Left within the last 12 months

Miss Syreeta Roper


Appointed 01/01/2021

Stepped down 03/05/2021

Mrs Naomi Denno

Appointed 24/01/2020

Appointed by GB

Stepped down 26/03/2021

Mrs Lisa Royle


Appointed 18/09/2019

Stepped down 26/03/2021

The Revd Cannon Mark Brown (Ex-officio)

From 18/01/2021

Stepped down 26/03/2021

Rev. Gareth Jones (Ex-officio)    

From 01/01/2010

Stepped down 26/03/2021

Mr John Philip Smith -

Appointed 17/01/2015

Nominated by LA - Appointed by GB

Stepped Down 04/05/2021

Mr Roger Watkin (Chair from 26/11/2020)

Appointed 24/03/2013

Appointed by Foundation / Trust

Stepped down 30/01/2021

Mrs J Himan  

Appointed 12/07/2017

Appointed by Foundation / Trust

Stepped Down 04/01/2020

Mr C Burton (Chair) from 11 September  2019

Appointed 24/03/2017

Appointed by GB / Board

Stepped down 24/11/2020

Dr Jane Charles

Appointed 24/01/2020

Appointed by Parents

Stepped down September 2020.








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Psalter Lane Site 108 Psalter Lane Sheffield S11 8YU Ringinglow Road Site Ringinglow Road Sheffield S11 7PQ

T: 0114 2662977 Option 1 - Psalter Lane Option 2 - Ringinglow Road



Miss Lauren Davidson-Marriott and Mrs Helen Hudson – Administrator Psalter Lane / Mrs Helen Brankin - Administrator Ringinglow Road

Starting School Visits

Is your child starting school in September 2022?  We are excited to invite you to come and see our fabulous school which has close knit ties with the wider community and a family feel.  Socially distanced visits to the school will be taking place at our Psalter Lane site on Thursday 9th December and Friday 10th December 2021 at 3:30pm.  Please call the school office on 0114 2662977 Option 1 or email to book an appointment.