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COVID-19 – Home Learning

Update 21-5-20

How to draw baby Yoda link from class Zoom meeting -

Update 3-5-20

As an alternative to the White Rose Home Learning Hub, you might want to try 'The Maths Factor' website. It has been made free and is developed by Carol Voderman. Thank you to Sophie and her Mum for alerting me to this website, it is matched to the curriculum, sets challenges, targets and trophies for players and is very fun! It also has a great parent dashboard feature too. Give it a go!


Update 24-4-20

BBC Bitesize Daily

Starting this week, BBC Bitesize have produced programmes for homeschooling in Maths and English for every year group, as well as regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more. There is so much learning here!

The Oak National Academy also launched this week, with a full scheduled curriculum (much of which is student led using video links.)

My friend from university (Mr McGarry) has contributed some content for the above Oak national online classroom, there is more of his content on his school's website. Check it out, he is currently reading and studying the brilliant book 'Sky Song by Abi Ephinstone.'


The Oxford Owl  free eBook library has been helping children develop their reading skills at home for years. For a limited period, while the UK schools are closed, they are temporarily adding hundreds more eBooks to the library so your child has more to read. All the eBooks are free to use, but you will need to register or log in to read your book (best viewed on a tablet or laptop.)

Science Fun At Home:

The Primary Science Teaching Trust is working with Science Sparks to create activities for children to have some fun with science at home.

Each two page sheet has activities that are:

  • clear and simple, using household resources
  • accessible and manageable for all
  • fun for children and their families to do
  • linked to follow up activities

They will send out a new Science Fun at Home every Wednesday. You can also receive these activities direct to your inbox by signing up to their mailing list.


I also stumbled across this maths quest game while looking at the new BBC bitesize website. Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica. A fun way to challenge your mathematical skills through an online quest!



  • The website White Rose Maths has developed an online Home Learning Live hub - with a daily online lesson every day for Y4 (and all year groups). Each lesson has a clear teaching video, practice activity and answers to check your work. As always, remember to start with what you know and show your working out.

  • Use your MyMaths and Abacus logins to practice all of the maths we have covered this year so far.

  • Keep up your Maths Fluency training on the TT:Rockstars and Numbots websites/apps. Have you got what it takes to become a Rock Hero? How do you rate against all the other students at Clifford on the Leaderboard? Can you top the charts on the Numbot challenge mode stats? (If you would like a .pdf containing ALL paper daily practice challenges, just email.)

  • 15-20 minutes daily practice here can make a MASSIVE difference to future progress in maths. You won't regret it!


The website Pobble365 provides an exciting daily writing challenge. Each day there is a well written extract, Story Starter, Key Questions (comprehension), Picture Perfect, Sentence Challenge and Sick Sentences (this is what we call Sentence Upgrade in class,) activities to help us develop our skills as writers. Remember to use and build a full range of sentence types – just like you all do so well in class.


  • A child in Y4 should be reading for 45 minutes every day - which can be split into shorter sessions of course. Read exciting chapter books! Use you BugClub logins to access a full range of writing types and target the grey and dark blue book bands to be on target. Read alone, read aloud, talk and write about what you are reading, form opinions, make predictions and write reviews!

Some of Mr Hall's all-time favourites for Y4 readers, read and tell me what you think!

  • The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint–Exupéry
  • The Borrowers by Mary Norton
  • The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
  • Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild
  • The Adventures of TinTin by Hergé
  • Private Peaceful by Michael Morphurgo
  • The Neverending Story by Michael Ende


  • The brilliant, award winning spelling and grammar app/website 'Sir Linkalot' is free for the next 3 months (using the username and login FREE.) It uses clever tricks, links and patterns to teach spelling through short smart videos. Watch, practice on paper, complete the tests and really build your confidence with spelling. I've tried it. It works. Try it out!


  • Sheffield's own artist Pete McKee is uploading some great, weekly drawing cartoon lesson tutorials through his YouTube channel. Have a look!

  • This website from the Scouts is full of fun, cross curricular learning challenges to complete at home.

  • Simple, easy and fun craft ideas to try.

If you need help with logins, need extra resources, any extra help or just to send me some brilliant work, contact me directly through

Take care and hope to see you all soon,

Mr Hall


Year 4 Key Information


Children will receive homework each week on a Wednesday, via their red homework books. Homework is due in school the following Tuesday (and is handed in to the blue homework box in our cloakroom.) In addition to the weekly homework challenge, the MyMaths website may be used to set homework. (All children have login details to this website, stuck inside the cover of their homework book.)

Spelling homework is given out on a Friday - with a spelling sentence sheet (to check understanding) and a test on the Friday of the following week.


Your child should be reading every day! All children have a go home reader and reading record which should be read and signed daily. When a book is complete, children can drop it inside the reading box in our cloakroom where it will be changed that day, to be taken home again. In addition to this, reading chapter books and reading for enjoyment is very much encouraged as children absorb spellings, vocabulary and sentence structures!

Times Tables

In Autumn 2, we are beginning to have some mental maths tests on a Monday to ensure our maths fluency is strong. Details of what the focus times table is will sent home via homework on a Wednesday.

Extra Information

It is very important to us that your child is happy, enjoying their learning at school and is working hard to be the best that they can be! If any issues arise or you have any worries, Mr Hall is available before or after school, or alternatively contact him via email -

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Hall and the Year 4 Team


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Training Day, by Mrs Hudson

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